5 Reasons you should book your next team building exercise with The Escape Room Geelong

1. People who are normally quiet in the meeting room will be encouraged to speak up during the game when everyone’s throwing out ideas. Afterwards, people will be livened up by post-game analysis of your tactics where you will ask each other questions like, “How did we miss X, it’s so obvious now!”


2. Escape rooms are designed to get you thinking under a little bit of stress caused by the time running out. This tends to make people’s natural personalities come out. This is great for identifying people’s strengths and weaknesses.


3. Even if you wanted to talk shop, you couldn’t! You’ve got an hour to escape and you and your team have to concentrate on the task at hand.


4. This is definitely not a game just for ‘young people’. Our escape games are designed to test all of your skills and we find that everyone has something to bring to the table. A little extra, ‘life experience’, is not a hinderance, in fact, it can sometimes be an advantage.


5. It's FUN!

Due to space constraints we are only able to host 5 people at a time. If you have a group larger than 5 players we will split the groups up and each group will compete for the fastest time. The team that escapes in the quickest time will have bragging rights.

To book in your groups you can either book consecutive time sessions from the booking page or feel free to email us to see if we can sort out a special time slot for you.

We are ready to help you build a dynamic team! Do you have what it takes to escape? Submit your request below.

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